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Department Edition
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Department Edition

Main Features:

CommandSim Fire: Department Edition offers the most effective combination of simplicity and power to create effective simulation-based training. Compare these features to any other simulation system and you'll see why we are confident you will choose CommandSim Fire: Department Edition.


  • Integrate video, photos, and clip art
  • Library of smoke, fire, and HazMat effects you can customize
  • Create an endless possibility of new effects
  • Extensible with animations, e.g., water, foam, trucks, people, hazards, etc.
  • Interactive equipment simulation for skills training, e.g., portable devices, elevators, fire control panels, etc.
  • Panorama and 360 degree views
  • Extendible in countless ways by millions of Flash developers


  • Up to 100 concurrent players at one time; extend the system to allow more if desired
  • Participants can move about scene on their own
  • Participants can "see" other participants on scene, within their visual limits
  • Participants can interact with one another and affect scenario evolution
  • Internet and LAN/WAN ready
  • Full-screen mode


  • Control exercise and participants
  • Multiple instructors for large exercise
  • Dynamic and scripted control over evolution of scenario conditions
  • Player tracking (what they did and when)


  • Online knowledgebase (24-7)
  • Online discussion board (24-7)
  • Complete sim developer certification curricula and training videos
  • Video tutorials and samples
  • Email/phone support included with packages


  • Scenario Designer—
    No per workstation license
  • Simulation Viewer—
    Only requires the free Adobe Flash plug-in


  • Seamless integration with
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Free distribution of simulation visuals,
    with no complex setup (only requires the free Adobe Flash plug-in)
  • View simulations via a browser on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms

1.  Current methods to teach and practice good incident command communication are ineffective or cost prohibitive, endangering the lives of your team and your community

2.  There isn't an effective way to evaluate team performance and improvisation, except in real scenarios, when it's too late
3.  It is costly and inconvenient to bring multiple teams together in same physical location for training.
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