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Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the Instructor Edition and the Department Edition?
The Instructor Edition is a package of scenario design tools that provide an instructor with full smoke, fire, and animation/simulation capabilities to create standalone scenarios that can be distributed via PowerPoint or the web (HTML files). The Department version adds multiplayer functionality, inter-player communication, dynamic and scripted instructor control of the evolving scenario, on-site training, and much more.

Do you have any free simulations to evaluate?
We developed a dozen free simulations in collaboration with, the pre-eminent source of training materials and information for safety instructors. Click Here to check them out!

Why is CommandSim Fire better than other simulation systems?
Compare the main features of CommandSim Fire to any other simulation systems. No others easily integrate into PowerPoint like CommandSim Fire, nor offer the flexibility to customize smoke and fire effects based on realistic and changing conditions. With other systems, you get a video clip library and you just have to make do. Furthermore, since CommandSim Fire is built on Adobe Flash, if you can't create something you want, there are thousands of resources online to help, and millions of developers worldwide.

Why do I need to get Flash in addition to the Instructor edition?
Flash is an extraordinarily powerful -- and common -- graphical animation software tool. By using Flash as the base platform, we are able to offer the BEST smoke and fire modeling tool at the LOWEST price.

Can I use simulations I create in PowerPoint?
Yes! PowerPoint supports the Flash plug-in. The company GlobFX made a free plug-in that lets you import your Flash movies right into PowerPoint, and play them back with full interactivity.

How much does it cost to distribute my simulations, and what does a viewer need?
The short answers are: Free and (almost) nothing. You can create as many scenarios as you want and give them to whoever you want, whether or not they have CommandSim Fire. They just need the free Flash player, which is probably already installed on their machine if they bought it within the past 3-4 years (and is a quick download, if they don't have it).

Can I install CommandSim Fire: Instructor Edition on more than one computer?
Yes, you can install it on two computers so long as they both are your's and you are the only one using it.


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